Have your checked out our Map of all the Charity Op Shops in Canterbury?

17 October 2022 | Articles

“Wow, it's been a full year since we launched our ⭐️Charity Op Shop Map⭐️ in collaboration with Volunteering Canterbury as part of NZ Recycling Week 2021. Since its launch, the Charity Op Shop Map has been viewed a whopping 1000 times!

Why not check it out for yourself? You will find an abundance of locations all around Canterbury to recycle your pre-loved household goods, support local causes, save the planet and bag yourself a bargain, as part of Recycle Week 2022.

You can even find opportunities as an op shop volunteer.

Recycling Week is all about educating New Zealanders of best practice waste minimization and recycling, and encouraging conscious procurement and disposal of items and packaging, to create a waste free future for New Zealand. We think this is the perfect excuse to go shopping 😉, and our handy op shop map is all you need to get started 👍

@Volunteering Mid & South Canterbury
@South Canterbury - Volunteering Mid & South Canterbury”

The map can be found atThe map can be found at https://vmsc.org.nz/organisations/resources
or https://vmsc.org.nz/volunteers/volunteering-at-op-shops-canterbury

Don't forget to bookmark it for future reference