Volunteering Mid & South Canterbury are looking for volunteer Board members

30 April 2021 | Articles

Volunteering Mid & South Canterbury are looking for volunteer Board members

Volunteering Mid and South Canterbury (VMSC) is a not-for-profit (NFP)organisation looking for business people in our community to fill volunteer governance roles on our board.

We are looking for prospective board members, that may be interested in any aspects of participating in volunteering work, that could offer some expertise to contribute towards the running of the VMSC, who have an interest in finance, volunteer work, or HR management for example, although this is not an exhaustive list.

• VMSC aims to be a leader in supporting volunteering in the Aoraki region.
• We support NFP organisations in areas through workshops helping groups with: -
Marketing and Promotion
Funding & Finance
Growing teams of volunteers.
• We can introduce new residents of Mid & South Canterbury into organisations to help them integrate into the community and eventually possibly the workforce.

VMSC is structured with a ‘Governance’ Board which comprises a maximum of eight sitting members, and oversees the running of two offices within the district; one in Timaru & the second one in Ashburton, with a staff member in each office.

The Board has the responsibility to produce the organisation’s plan, strategic outcomes and goals as well as focussing on achieving the volunteering vision, the organisation strives to achieve.

This is a governance role only and does not have dealings with the day to day running of the workplace operations.

Anyone interested in this opportunity may contact any current board members as shown on our web page – www.vmsc.org.nz