From Client to Volunteer, to Community Manager

5 December 2023 | Articles

It was meant to be.

Tracey Barratt received a call from the Cancer Society confirming her new role with them as Community Manager in the same week as the 10th year anniversary of her cancer diagnosis.

Tracey was just 26 years old when she discovered she had non-Hodgkin lymphoma. During this time Tracey received support from the Cancer Society services such as turban and bandanas, connection to a wig provider, and the driving service to and from treatments.
Determined to give back to the Cancer Society, Tracey took part in her first Relay for Life back in 2014 just two weeks after her last treatment of chemotherapy, and has been an active volunteer for the South Canterbury Cancer Society over the last nine years, so much so that she has earned the nickname ‘Daff’ amongst the local community.

Tracey recognises that it’s the tight-knit nature of the local community and the propensity of the locals to get stuck in and lend a hand that is key to the Cancer Society continuing to provide essential services to those with cancer which is why the opportunity to work with the staff and the army of volunteers of the Cancer Society daily was one she knew could not be turned down.

All the efforts Voluntary organisations like The Cancer Society cannot be made without the labours of selfless volunteers. Today is International Volunteers Day, let’s join with all volunteers across the globe to recognise the power of volunteering. A huge thank you to all volunteers who impact our communities across Aotearoa!