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The Asbhurton District Council are the Local Governement in Mid Canterbury. The Economic Development component of the Ashburton District Council includes providing community events. Volunteering opportunities at a number of community events throughout the year.


Available Roles:

Native Nursery Weeding

Ashburton District Council
Gardening | Working Hours

Get a volunteer experience while helping to remove weeds from propagated native plants at a native nursery in Ashburton town.

Weed Control Volunteer day at Lake Camp/Clearwater­_ Saturday 22nd April 2023

Ashburton District Council
Conservation | Evenings/Weekends

The Council Biodiversity Team would be undertaken another round of Wilding Pine/weed control event at Lake Camp/Clearwater on Saturday 22nd April 2023, as part of the ongoing Lake Camp/Clearwater biodiversity restoration program.