Weed Control Volunteer day at Lake Camp/Clearwater­_ Saturday 22nd April 2023

The Council Biodiversity Team would be undertaken another round of Wilding Pine/weed control event at Lake Camp/Clearwater on Saturday 22nd April 2023, as part of the ongoing Lake Camp/Clearwater biodiversity restoration program. Some of the targeted weeds for this year event includes wilding pines, silver birch and rowans. This event involves pulling out invasive wilding pines and other weeds by hand or cutting using a looper and then brushing the stem with vigilant herbicide. Vigilant herbicide would be supplied by the Council for anyone comfortable to use them in the field.

The fitness level for this event is low but bring along good footwear (hiking shoes preferred), gloves and a lopper if you have one. We have supplies to borrow if you don’t have the tools.

Health and Safety Briefing will start at 9.00 am at the Lake Camp new toilet block. BBQ Lunch will be provided afterwards to enable everyone to network with one another.

Please email biodiversity@adc.govt.nz or text 027 245 6680 to express interest and advise if you have any dietary requirements. Car pooling would be available from Ashburton town to help us reduce our carbon footprints. Please also indicate if you need a ride from the Ashburton to the Lakes.


This is an outdoor event and involves a lot of walking, bending and possibly use of sharp tools. Please, bring along good footwear (hiking shoes preferred), and looper if you have one. Please, come along even if you don't have the tools; we have stocks you can borrow.
Barbecue lunch will be provided but provide your own drinking water.
We welcome volunteers of all ages, but children are to be under supervision at all time.

Time commitment:

9:00 am to 1:00pm.
Health and Safety Briefing will start at 8:30 am at the Lake Camp's new toilet block.
Event will run immediately after Health and Safety Briefing until noon.
BBQ lunch at 12:30 pm at Lake Clearwater campground hall.

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