Restoration Planting at Lake Camp/Clearwater Hakatere/Potts Road- Volunteers needed

Join us to make a difference and experience Lake Camp/Clearwater​ scenery for another round of Council biodiversity project day on 8th October 2022, as part of the ongoing Lake Camp/Clearwater biodiversity restoration program. ​The restoration planting is to provide shelter and good scenery at the campground. We are looking for volunteers to help plant the native trees, install plant guards and mulch the newly planted areas. There are about 2000 native plants/grasses to put on the ground at the site where pines where removed recently.
The fitness level for the event is low.


This is an outdoor event and involves a lot of bending and standing. Please, bring along good footwear (hiking shoes preferred), gardening gloves and a spade if you have one. Come along even if you don't have the tools; we have stocks you can borrow.
Barbecue lunch will be provided, but provide your own drinking water.
We welcome volunteers of all ages, but children are to be under supervision at all time.

Time commitment:

8:30 am - 2pm (5.5 hours)
Health and Safety Briefing will start at 8:30 am at the Lake Camp's new toilet block.
Planting will run until noon, with lunch at 12:30 pm (Lake Clearwater campground hall).

Getting started:
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